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We build digital tools to end domestic abuse

By harnessing data and user-led tools, we can launch the next revolution in the journey to ending domestic abuse, giving frontline workers the means to identify, predict and prevent violence before it happens.

The team

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Abigail Branford

Babatunde Williams

Ba Linh Le

Katrin Hermann

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advisory council
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Advisory Council members

Headshot of Victoria Waldersee
Adelheid Feilcke

Programme Director, Deutsche Welle EU

Headshot of Ursula Sautter
Anna Stansbury

Assistant Professor, MIT Sloan

Headshot of Sofia Benito
Carole Stone

Founder and Philanthropist

Headshot of Janani Padmanabhan
Carolyn Look

Business Correspondent, Bloomberg

Cynthia Fischer

Surgeon, Charité

Headshot of Carolyn Look
Janani Padmanabhan

Domestic Abuse Programme Lead, Apolitical

Headshot of Carole Stone
Sofia Benito

Senior Adviser, EU Parliament

Headshot of Anna Stansbury
Ursula Sautter

Vice Chair, UN Women DE

Headshot of Adelheit Feilcke
Victoria Waldersee

Business Correspondent, Reuters

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